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Baby Care Room

Baby Care Room Baby Care Room

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Baby Care Room


  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills Development — grasping, clutching, movement
  • Sensory Development — touching, feeling, listening
  • Play and Rest

Every moment with an infant is precious and we take advantage of that. We coo, cuddle, rock, sing and bond with your baby. Our specially designed Baby Care Room is a place where babies feel safe, secure and happy. Personal cots, separate areas for changing and feeding, and a “no-uncovered-shoes” policy, ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces. Children sleep ‘on demand’ i.e. as they or their parents wish. Through simple games like peek-a-boo, our loving, highly qualified teachers begin the foundational work for later learning and help infants develop motor skills. Our Baby Care Room has double doors into the playground, allowing for lots of healthy fresh air and access to the safely fenced off ‘Baby Outdoor Area’ which has a safety surface. But we never forget that you are your child’s most important teacher, so we’ll work with you, give you daily verbal and written Diary reports and offer tips on how to reinforce what your child learns in her time with us. Our Care Team keep Daily Activity records, so feel free to have a look through at any time to see what’s been happening throughout the week.


8:30 Your daughter is greeted by her
teacher, who tempts her with her favourite toy.
8:45 Mmm… a bottle. She’s got to have energy for a busy day.
9:10 “I want that!” Your daughter develops fine motor skills through grasping squishy blocks.
9:40 Oh boy! Outside we get to go for walks on the playground.
10:05 Touching, feeling, squeezing, squeaking — it’s time for sensory activities.

She’s a bit peckish – delicious snack time.

11:00 “Look! I can get to that toy!” Your daughter develops gross motor skills while crawling and cruising.
11:30 Time for some one-on-one cuddling and cooing.
12:00 A big yawn and droopy eyelids mean it’s time for her nap.
1:30 Up and at ’em — the fresh breeze outside makes her giggle with joy.
1:50 Roll the ball…what a fun game!
2:15 She’s hungry again – nutritious food from our healthy worldwide menu !
2:30 Toys to push and roll are more than fun — they help her develop her motor skills.
3:20 Story time. Your daughter points at the pictures as her teacher reads. Today she learns the “b” sound.
4:00 It’s time for a song. Your daughter bounces along to the music and mimics some of the words.
5:20 Your daughter’s face lights up as she reaches for you — her teacher tells you about her marvelous accomplishments during the day.

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